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To the Atlanta Historical Society for excerpts from Atlanta and Its Environs, Volume 2, 1954, by Franklin Garrett.

To the Atlanta Journal and Constitution for articles dealing with the Mary Phagan/Leo Frank case, 1913-1987.

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To Henry Bowden for use of material from his paper on Leo Frank, which appeared in 1945.

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To the East Cobb Neighbor, Marietta, Georgia, for use of the article, “Jewish Leaders Seek
Exoneration for Frank,” which appeared in the April 6, 1982 edition.

To the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles for the letter of Silas Moore dated January 17, 1983; and for the Decisions dated December 22, 1983 and March 16, 1986.

To George H. Keeler for statements of O. B. Keeler on the Leo M. Frank case, 1913-1915.

To Stewart Lewengrub, Southeast Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League, for his letter to James Phagan of March 21, 1974.

To the Nashville Tennessean for articles dealing with the Mary Phagan/Leo Frank case, 1982-1986, especially the Special News Section on the Mary Phagan/Leo Frank case appearing in the March 7, 1982 edition, and the article, “Little Mary Phagan Is Not Forgotten,” which appeared in the September 5, 1983 edition.

To Sandra Roberts of the Nashville Tennessean staff, for personal letters dated April 6, 1982, April 14, 1982, and April 22, 1982.

To the University of North Carolina Press for the use of an excerpt from ‘I Can Go Home Again’ by Arthur Gray Powell, published in 1943.

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